20 – 22. mars 2020. Reboot-weekend, Nøsen

Direkte oversatt betyr reboot «omstart». Dette er altså en helg viet til å lade batteriene, ny giv og inspirasjon, sjelfulle menneskemøter i et kjærlighetsfylt miljø. Her møter du 16 flotte kursholdere, mange kjent fra Ângsbacka. De fleste tilbudene foregår på engelsk, da det kommer gjester fra flere land. Nøsen Fjellhotell ligger vakkert til 3 timer nord for Oslo, ikke langt fra Fagernes.

Nøsen Yoga og Fjellhotell 20 – 22.mars.

This retreat will fill you with wonder, peace and energy as you choose between 40 exciting events and 20 fantastic teachers. The events range from the very calm and mindfull, to the very sensual and playful. You will find relaxation, you will find depth, you will find craziness and you will find Love. Check out the events and workshop page as well as the teachers for more details on what you can expect. You deserve it.

Lørdag 21.03 kl. 11.00 holder Shalini følgende workshop:
Red and White Tantra – a spiritual path in your daily life.

I am Shalini. I work full time with Tantra at our spiritual center in Hamar, an hour north of Oslo. Come and join me for the workshop about red and white Tantra and how both can inspire your spiritual path in quite different ways.

Red Tantra teaches you how Beauty, Sensuality, Intimacy and Sexuality connect you to the Goddess Shakti, being a symbol of your own soul. In this part of the session we will use mindfulness and breathwork in connecting to the tantric man and woman in your daily life, a process leading you through “the four steps of tantric Happiness”.  

White Tantra connects you more directly to your soul through deep meditation on the subtle energy of your inner sexual body. I will bring you into the tantric world of energetic touch, while I present you for the three tantric initiations in Hevajra Tantra, culminating in the fourth called «baptism”. White Tantra is a much deeper process than red Tantra, leading to the rise of the holy Kundalini.

Read more about all the workshops at the Reboot-weekend

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